Social Web Archiving
Updated September 25, 2008 — Area : Social Web.

Capturing social Web sites is an extreme challenge and cannot be fully achieved through current methods and tools.

With this application, LiWA intends to demonstrate a dramatic improvement in archive structure and content which more accurately and evenly captures the rapidly evolving and increasingly diverse content of the social Web. In more detail the WP has the following objectives: 

- Understand the detailed needs for archiving tools and services in support of gathering content within “Social Web” applications and technologies widely deployed in this area. Publish a discussion document outlining the unique attributes the social Web.

- Building on the requirements, ensure development on the core LiWA services to deal with the high levels of inter-linked content, dynamic linking, widgets, tools, and the high degrees of personalisation typical of the social Web.

- Build an exemplary application, that demonstrates the benefits of the LiWA services for archiving the social Web and make the application available as a service to the social Web.

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