LiWA technologies released in Open Source

Posted August 30, 2010
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Spam Cleansing, Temporal Coherence, Semantic Evolution, Social Web, Rich Media, General.

LiWA partners are pleased to announce the release in open-source of the complete list of components and tools issued from the LiWA project.

They are all grouped under the “liwa-technologies” project on Google code:

1° The Rich Media Capture Module - a plug-in dedicated to the capture of streaming video content:

2° The Temporal Coherence Analyser - a plug-in dedicated to the analysis of the temporal coherence of the archived Web content:

3° The Spam Assessment Interface - a Web service that enables the quality assessment of the archived Web content:

4° The Semantic Analizer - a component dedicated to the detection of terminology evolution:

5° The Web Archive UI Framework - a client-side framework that helps creating User Interface helpers for Web archive browsing:

To learn more about each component, the Google project provides also a wiki space, giving a brief description of each module and the necessary steps for its deployment:

You are all welcome to download and try out the LiWA components. Your feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated, helping us to improve the documentation and the usability of the technologies.