LiWA technologies released in Open Source

Posted August 30, 2010
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Spam Cleansing, Temporal Coherence, Semantic Evolution, Social Web, Rich Media, General.

LiWA partners are pleased to announce the release in open-source of the complete list of components and tools issued from the LiWA project.

They are all grouped under the “liwa-technologies” project on Google code:

1° The Rich Media Capture Module - a plug-in dedicated to the capture of streaming video content:

2° The Temporal Coherence Analyser - a plug-in dedicated to the analysis of the temporal coherence of the archived Web content:

3° The Spam Assessment Interface - a Web service that enables the quality assessment of the archived Web content:

4° The Semantic Analizer - a component dedicated to the detection of terminology evolution:

5° The Web Archive UI Framework - a client-side framework that helps creating User Interface helpers for Web archive browsing:

To learn more about each component, the Google project provides also a wiki space, giving a brief description of each module and the necessary steps for its deployment:

You are all welcome to download and try out the LiWA components. Your feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated, helping us to improve the documentation and the usability of the technologies.


LiWA Third Newsletter published

Posted April 07, 2011
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Spam Cleansing, Temporal Coherence, Semantic Evolution, Social Web, Rich Media, General, Events.

The LiWA Newsletter No3 is now available, summarizing the findings and results of the 36 months project. Enjoy reading it!


Talk at IWAW 2010

Posted February 01, 2011
Areas : Rich Media, General, Events.

Jaap Blom gave a talk about Internet Archiving in an Audiovisual Institute at IWAW 2010 in Vienna, Austria on September 22, 2010

In this presentation three use cases were presented:

  * preserve Dutch public broadcasting websites (preservation of Dutch cultural heritage)
  * collect Internet AV materials (mainly AV content that is broadcasted on the internet but not on traditional media)
  * preserve web context (to be used by archivists for looking up relevant context information for annotating Radio & Television items)


Talk about “Turning pure Web Page Storages into Living Web Archives” at Cultural Heritage on line

Posted October 20, 2009
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Temporal Coherence, Social Web, Rich Media, General, Events.

The LiWA applications and its R&D challenges will be presented at the Conference “Cultural Heritage on line Empowering users: an active role for user communities” at Florence, Italy on the 15th and 16th of December, 2009

Web content plays an increasingly important role in the knowledge-based society, and the preservation and long-term accessibility of Web history has high value (e.g., for scholarly studies, market analyses, intellectual property disputes, etc.). There is strongly growing interest in its preservation by libraries and archival organizations as well as emerging industrial services. Web content characteristics (high dynamics, volatility, contributor and format variety) make adequate Web archiving a challenge.
LiWA will look beyond the pure “freezing” of Web content snapshots for a long time, transforming pure snapshot storage into a “Living” Web Archive. In order to create Living Web Archives, the LiWA project will address R&D challenges in the three areas: Archive Fidelity, Archive coherence and Archive interpretability. The results of the project will be demonstrated within two application scenarios namely “Streaming Archive” and “Social Web Archive”. The Streaming Archive application will showcase the building of an audio-visual Web archive and how audio and video broadcast related web information can be preserved. The Social Web application will demonstrate how web archives can capture the dynamics and the different types of user interaction of the social web.