Half day session on LiWA during IWAW

Posted September 18, 2008
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Spam Cleansing, Temporal Coherence, Semantic Evolution, General, Events.

A dedicated session took place during the 8th International Web Archiving Workshop

Over 70 web archivists and researchers in this domain attended the 8th edition of IWAW during which a full session was dedicated to present research objectives and early results from LiWA.
image Lots of questions and interest from the audience, which is good sign for us. See below links to presentations from this session:

Web Spam: a Survey with Vision for the Archivist
Andras Benczur, David Siklosi, Jacint Szabo, Istvan Biro, Zsolt Fekete, Miklos Kurucz, Attila Pereszlenyi, Simon Racz, Adrienn Szabo (paper, presentation)

imageTerminology Evolution in Web Archiving: Open Issues
Nina Tahmasebi, Tereza Iofciu, Thomas Risse, Claudia Niederée, Wolf Siberski (paper,presentation)

Liwa Architecture
Radu Pop, Wolf Siberski, Mark Williamson (presentation)

“Catch me if you can”. Temporal Coherence of Web Archives
Marc Spaniol (presentation)

The Challenge of Dynamic Links
Mark Williamson (presentation)