Talk “Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving” at Vienna

Posted April 20, 2009
Areas : Semantic Evolution, General, Events.

Dr. Thomas Risse (L3S) will give a talk on “Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving” at Seminarraum, Institut für Knowledge und Business Engineering, in Rathausstrasse 19/9, A-1010 Wien; on April 30, 2009.

Due to the central role that the World Wide Web plays in nearly all areas
of today’s life, adequate Web archiving has become a cultural necessity in

preserving knowledge. The next generation web archiving technologies will
overcome limitations in content capture, preservation, analysis and
enrichment. One important aspect is the archive interpretability. The
correspondence between the terminology used for querying and the one used
in content objects to be retrieved is a crucial prerequisite for effective

content access based on retrieval technology. However, as terminology is
evolving over time, a growing gap opens up between older documents in
(long-term) archives and the active language used for querying such
archives. Thus, technologies for detecting and systematically handling
terminology evolution are required to ensure ``semantic’’ accessibility of

(Web) archive content on the long run. As a starting point for dealing
with terminology evolution present the problem and discusses issues,
approaches and relevant technologies.