Terminology Evolution Module for Web Archives in the LiWA Context

Posted October 22, 2010
Areas : Semantic Evolution, General.

The paper entitled “Terminology Evolution Module for Web Archives in the LiWA Context” by N. Tahmasebi, G. Zenz, T. Risse and T. Iofciu has been accepted for presentation at IWAW 2010

This paper presents the LiWA Terminology evolution module, TeVo which takes us one step closer to fully automatic detection of terminology evolution. TeVo consists of a pipeline for finding evolution from web archives based on the UIMA framework. The LiWA TeVo module consists of two main processing chains, the first for Warc file extraction and text processing and the second for finding terminology evolution. The terminology evolution browser is also presented, the TeVo browser, which aids in exploring evolution of terms present in archives.