Web Spam: a Survey with Vision for the Archivist

Posted October 06, 2008
Areas : Archive Fidelity, Spam Cleansing, General.

Presented at IWAW 08 by Andras Benczur, David Siklosi, Jacint Szabo, Istvan Biro, Zsolt Fekete, Miklos Kurucz, Attila Pereszlenyi, Simon Racz, Adrienn Szabo

imageWhile Web archive quality is endangered by Web spam, a side effect of the high commercial value of top-ranked search-engine results, so far Web spam filtering technologies are rarely used by Web archivists. In this paper we make the first attempt to disseminate existing methodology and envision a solution for Web archives to share knowledge and unite efforts in Web spam hunting. We survey the state of the art in Web spam filtering illustrated by the recent Web spam challenge data sets and techniques and describe the filtering solution for archives envisioned in the LiWA project.
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